Roger Waters zu BDS Austria – März 2016

For many years we in BDS were visible as sporadic outbreaks of love and care for the oppressed people of Palestine in a world that was kept ignorant of their plight. We are sporadic no longer. We are on the brink of becoming the greatest epidemic of protest against man’s inhumanity to man since the Global Anti Apartheid Movement and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

Our friends in Austria represent the tip of the iceberg of love that has always been waiting beneath the cold sea of silence and indifference. We are many, when we raise our voices in concert we are heard.

The supporters of sectarianism, racism, and apartheid are running scared. They resort to calling us names. They call us anti-semites. They know we are no such thing. We have no sectarian attachment, we care for ALL our brothers and sisters and their basic human rights irrespective of race, colour, nationality or religion.

There are no exceptions, no people or race is exceptional, only ruin lies at the end of that sorry tale.

Anyway here’s to our Austrian friends and here’s to Freedom Justice and Equality for the Palestinian People. All over this globe the battle has been joined, „The young strain beautiful and proud and need but nudges from the old forgotten crowd, to scale the moral high ground in the clouds“. Love will triumph. We shall overcome one day. And that day is not far off!


Watch our clip:

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